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The process of belief - mattloux [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The process of belief [Jul. 17th, 2007|11:05 pm]
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I haven't livejournaled in a while, sorry bout that. I've been keeping busy though. A few weeks ago I exhibited at the Mocca arts festival, most definitely my favorite convention of the year. one reason for this is it's in Manhattan, so i just take a quick cab from Brooklyn to down town. The other is so many of my friends from all around come back to New York to mingle again, and it's tons of fun. And one other reason for me, is that it's like a SVA reunion going to Mocca. I'd say at least half of the people that exhibit are SVA Alum or students, (and some teachers too).
So in addition to the fun of socializing, I was also selling my comic wares which included the harvey nominated SideScrollers, but also a print of the first image of my new book Welcome to Maine. Unexpectedly i sold all of them. I guess it was a compelling picture. here it is so you guys tell me.

Now about that new book, again called Welcome to Maine. here's the deal. It's gonna be a series of short OGN's and will start coming out spring 08. I'm deep in production on the first book, so I thought I'd share an example of my pencils vs. inks.

Unfortunately the pencils didn't scan too well, but you get the idea. relatively loose. I don't always pencil so loose, but for backgrounds i find it looks best when i just lay out the scenery in pencil and leave the detail to the inks. This book so far has been challenging in a different way than SideScrollers and F-stop. There are a lot of natural backgrounds, which is fun, but it's very easy to get muddy with detail. I'm also making a consolidated effort to make the environment look and feel like the Maine shore and New England in general, so I have a bunch of reference this time around. Some of you guys from CT may have noticed That i did use some specific reff. for certain scenes in SideScrollers like Jewet City, and New London. In WTM It's a fictional fishing village but I really want some one from Maine to say 'yeah that's my state'.

So thats what I've been up to. Oh, I also got this sweet cast iron hat hanger from marshals. the coolest!